Episode 37 – Barry Manilow or Bon Jovi

Episode 37 Barry Manilow or Bon Jovi

This week 4 players from around the world call in and battle it out over 3 rounds of trivia.  This week we have players from Ohio, Arizona, George and Australia!  We start off in round 1 where players have to tell me is this song a Barry Manilow Song or a Bon Jovi song.  How well did you do?

The episode is sponsored by Healthy With Jeff.

About our sponsor (Hint: It is me!)
I’m taking control of my diet and incorporating an active lifestyle.  So far, I am down 25 pounds!  If you would like to know more about what I am doing and you can incorporate some of the changes I am making into your life, message me on Facebook.com/HealthywithJeff