We’re Baaaaaack! Season 2 Kicks Off With a Short Preview Episode

Stuff I Never Knew Podcast Returns

It feels good to be back!  I’ve been playing around with new formats and looking back over the first season.  As summer winds down, we are ready to go full speed ahead.

I’ve taken the best of the first 26 episodes and came up with a fun, new format for a trivia podcast show.

Each week, I’ll start with 5 players.  Each player will sit in the “Hot Seat” and answer 3 questions plus one bonus question worth 5 points.  The 4 players with the most points at the end of round 1 will move on to battle it out in round 2.  We’ll set up a head to head bracket and battle until one winner remains!

Watch the raw footage from YouTube (Unedited and Adult Language in the raw file)


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